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Watford 1 Wigan Athletic 1 (abandoned) (30/12/2006) 30/12/2006

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

Today’s one-photo match report is:


1. Dave Glover - 30/12/2006

What a great game! exciting, skillful and no conclusion. We all went away happy, buoyed up by the positive showing from Mr Priskin and the dancing dalliances of MacNamee. Just think, if all games ended like this there would be no disappointment just the the thought of what might have been and of course, what could still be reinforced by the eternal optimism of Aidy ringing in our ears. He even scored ‘a goal’ and seemed genuinely made up with all the adulation that greeted him as he puddled around on the pitch. He’s a great bloke and he’d make a great politician ‘cos we all love the underdog. The rain was truly spectactular too; poor old Ben was becoming quite hypothermic and it all smacked of King Lear. Never mind mission impossible, how about mission unconcluded? We could forever be held in suspended animation from one game to the next whilst the Hari Krishna crowd processed for ever around the centre circle. I’m sure there was a purple glow to the sky before the rain came down…..

2. Fran - 30/12/2006


3. Esp - 31/12/2006

der der der der AIDY BOOTHROYD
Don’tya just love him?
Gavin: “What end are we playing in the 2nd half boss”
Aidy “The deep end”; it didn’t happen of course but could have!
55 minutes of FREE football, can’t be bad eh?
A miserable day but a great performance – let’s hope for some winter sunshine and seasonal cheer in SW London tomorrow


4. Esp - 10/01/2007

May I be allowed today (10th January) to correct my previous post and say that the Wigan match was absolutely NOT 55 minutes of free football for some

As a season ticket holder “I’m alright Jack” but my sympathies go out to readers of BHaPPY who bought tickets expecting to see a result against Wigan at NO extra cost

The word I have in mind for Ashton and Simpson today would get Matt and Ian’s site closed down I think


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