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Watford 1 Ipswich Town 0 (17/02/2007) 19/02/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

Your one-word match report:



1. David - 19/02/2007


2. Billyo - 19/02/2007


Lady L finally arrives at the Vic.

3. Colin Wiggins - 19/02/2007

Mirrors? In the men’s toilets?? At the Rookery End??? Has the world gone mad????

4. Adam J - 19/02/2007

MY one word match report (having not been there but having heard about it from multipule sources):


5. Himji - 19/02/2007

I’d say


6. NRC - 19/02/2007

Cup Tie (okay, two words). How many times have we made a higher division side look decidely dodgy over the years in the Cup? Enjoy!

7. Tim Turner - 19/02/2007


8. DM - 19/02/2007


9. Nick B - 19/02/2007

nothing beats a late winner at the rookery end, especially if it’s a shade underserved

I’ll go for sebaceous

10. Dave Glover - 19/02/2007

Taters in the mould

11. Matthew - 19/02/2007

Reminiscent. Of us last year, winning when we shouldn’t, y’see.

12. Sequel - 20/02/2007

I’m a Main Stand season ticket holder, but decided to try the Rous for the Ipswich game. My main observations after a less than convincing performance are that 1) the pitch slope looks more pronounced from the upper tier; 2) the away end sounds blinkin noisey; 3) the Rous regulars moan a lot;

13. Tapps - 20/02/2007

I’m a Main Stand season ticket holder, but decided to try the Rookery for the Ipswich game. My main observations were a) the Main Stand is tiny and b) The Rookery regulars have no time for Smith, Kabba or Francis which made it kinda sweet when the goal went in.

14. Matt Rowson - 20/02/2007

I’m a Rookery season ticket holder, and decided to try the Rookery again for the Ipswich game. I think lumping 7000-odd people into the same collective is a little unfair, Tapps – we are, as the line goes, all individuals… but I can appreciate your sentiment if those around you were dishing out such stick. Kabba didn’t impress me on Saturday but I thought Francis did OK, and Smith’s second half was excellent.

For what it’s worth, I sit in front of Don Fraser which has the advantage of no player EVER being given undue stick (or any stick at all), but the disadvantage of the fact that EVERYONE in the Rookery can hear what Don’s thinking most of the time, leaving those of us in front slightly worse of hearing…

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