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Watford 2 Charlton Athletic 2 (03/03/2007) 04/03/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

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1. Rich W - 05/03/2007


2. MattB - 05/03/2007

Schadenfreude. Hey, we played reasonably well for large portions of the game, and we’re not West Ham.

3. PJ - 05/03/2007


4. david c. (watford) - 05/03/2007

Deja Vous ** Just like like Fulham home game we defended when we should have continued to attack one of the weakest defences I’ve seen in the Premiership this season. **

PS.. I’ve logged a good reply from the club on my complaint against the Everton supporters in the private boxes.
You can read it under the Everton match comments… Dave C.

5. Ralph - 05/03/2007


6. Marky C - 06/03/2007

Encouraging – well for 45 minutes anyway. Initially surprised to see us playing 4 5 1 in a game we really needed to win but Francis supported Priskin really well I thought and deserved his goal.
Was Boothroyd right to bring off Francis for Cavalli to try to protect the lead – it appears not but when you are out of the habit of winning you sit back and try to protect what you have – had we carried on playing like we did in the first half we may have conceded a couple but might we have scored another (or maybe 2??) and actually won the game – still that might have given us hope and that would be dangerous!!

7. Robin - 07/03/2007

Actually I thought Cavalli came on to try to shore up our left side. We were perpetually getting ripped apart there (it always seemed to be 3 on 2), and maybe Aidy thought Cavalli would do a better defensive job than Bouazza. It didn’t work, but once he rejigged things again on about 70 mins, switching back to 451 with Cavalli on the left side of midfield, we suddenly improved. My impression was that Francis had stopped playing second half, leaving a hole in the middle which Mahon and Williams had to fill, which in turn left us exposed on the flanks.
Still no indication from the official site whether Stewart was injured. I put our failing to win firmly down to that halftime substitution, which robbed our defensive line of pace forcing us to defend deeper thus leaving more space in midfield, removed our most potent attacking threat (the Smith-Mariappa combo).
It also left us with only one defender who can actually pass to a yellow shirt (Mariappa, playing on the wrong side). All season one of our major problems has been distribution out of defence. I’ve lost count of the number of opposition goals which started with one of our defenders giving the ball away.

8. Aled - 07/03/2007

I saw Stewart pull up limping after a run just before half time, and took the tape off his leg so guess hes got a slight injury. Never thought I’d say this but hope he isn’t out for too long, although it does give Powell a chance, anything but Doyley…

9. PJ - 07/03/2007

we missed Stewart second half which is something i’d never thought i’d say ….

lets go brazilian at plymouth (hear he is exceptional)

10. Ralph - 07/03/2007

Also, has Aidy decided that because Ben is off at end of season, Richard will play the remaining games? He can’t still be injured with a “dead leg!”

11. LL121 - 09/03/2007

I can’t help but feel that Aidy got into some trouble with Sir Alex for playing Ben injured for the rest of that game (i.e. not having a sub) and is being punished. Then again, I see “black helicopters” everywhere…

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