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Leeks at the Lane 20/03/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

A trip to White Hart Lane is rarely an enjoyable experience at the best of times, let alone when the hosts rest their forward line, appear not to be terribly fussed about the whole thing, and still win at a canter.  Still, at least these hardy souls had some vegetables for company.

That's the way I leek it

Jamie Simons makes his BHaPPY debut with a fine specimen.

Leek Father Leek Son

Ed and Nick Corble report that “eat the leek” is used by Shakespeare as a euphemism for “putting up with insulting treatment”.  Which sums up a trip to White Hart Lane succinctly.

Do I Leek Bovvered?

Frances Lynn was annoyed to be sat next to a Spurs fan; pic taken while contemplating whether to beat him to death with said leek, or to use it in a more “creative” manner.

The Leek of Love

Jeff Bartrop looking a bit unsure about the whole thing.

A leek is a long time in football

Don Fraser; out of focus, but unbowed.



1. Simon in Oz - 20/03/2007

A handy cut’n’keep guide to have next to your coaching dugout. It’s especially important with regards to WFC’s impending semi-final:
1. Ensure all defenders have thier legs amputated before game. This may render them somewhat ‘off-the-pace’ but should remove the possibility of one of them conceding a penalty due to one of C Ronaldo’s sudden gravitational-pulls to the Centre of the Earth (cf Newton and Jules Verne). If only Southgate had used this tactic on Monday!
2. Employ professional hypnotists to make the ref believe that he is refereeing Manchester CITY, and not the more, how can I put it, influential ‘franchise’ known as Manchester UTD. As a result the theatre of C Ronaldo will be dealt with in an accurate way by the official, possibly unaware he is in the presence of The Blessed.
3. Ensure that the latest Man Utd ‘after-training’ role-play (for teambuilding purposes) involves an extempore acting-out of the oscar-winning 1991 movie “Silence of the Lambs”. In this version a man named Rooney plays Hannibal Lecter and C Ronaldo plays the piece of liver. Any Italian in the squad can play the bottle of Chianti.
It’s just a thought.
Kind regards,

2. FC - 20/03/2007

I’m making a huge banner……
ugly caricature of Ronaldo in a pink tutu holding a handbag taking a dive after being hit with a small pea, sling shot by McNamee… title DAVID vs GOLIATH

3. Matt Rowson - 20/03/2007

A terrifying, magnificent prospect Fuzz, look forward to seeing it.

4. RS - 20/03/2007

Hello fellow assets; prepare to be sweated – http://www.watfordfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/NewsDetail/0,,10400~999106,00.html

To quote the immortal GT ” do I not like [the sound of] that”?

Bit out of context this posting but I’m sure the webmeisters will sort it if deemed neccessary.

5. Luke Fairweather - 20/03/2007

Hang on a minute, having established beyond all reasonable doubt that the humble carrott is the vegetable of choice and harbinger of luck, why does this quest continue?

6. EMC - 20/03/2007

Excuse me but what is wrong with a good old-fashioned 3 o’clock kick-off? Yet again, due to the BBC, the game is later on, and again, thanks to the BBC, I cannot go.
Thanks a bunch.

7. Ben - 20/03/2007

Also a bit out of context, but the observant will have noted Master Simons’ right ear in the bottom left of Mr Fraser’s photo, next to the guy who appears to be eating his own fingers.

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