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Carrots at Villa Park 17/04/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Still, wasn’t that goal celebration marvellous, eh?  Here are some people with carrots…

not half 

Ralph Buckland and Steve Reader sharing that carrot moment.

semi detached

Mark Baker displays a fine specimen.  Behind him, looks like Man United haven’t sold all their tickets.  Tut tut.

Half and Half

Mark’s sons Chris and Dominic.  There are all sorts of impolite comments one could make about how Chris is holding his carrot, but I don’t know Chris and therefore don’t feel able to make them…

Half hearted

Don Fraser, from a distance.  He’s the one in the wig.  A couple of United fans rightly concerned at where he might stick that carrot if they give it large later.

Open Sesemi

Frances Lynn, yellow ribbons dutifully worn.

semi detached

Jeff Bartrop… may have forgotten about his carrot until everyone else was leaving, but at least he brought the right vegetable this time.

Not Half

Ed Corble and 5-a-day-awayday debutant Steve Mitchell.


Ian Grant.  An indie shot.  With carrots.

half wit

Yours truly.  Messenger, that’s as good as you’re going to get. 


1. DM - 18/04/2007

That is definite smile supression Rowson. I’ll get you at Sheffield….

2. Mike P - 18/04/2007

Alas, I was very much excited by my chance to be a part of 5-a-day-awaydays. But for some reason, the darkness of the shot makes the carrot entirely invisible. Thus the carrot was entirely useless, both for photography and match-day luck. Still, it was a tasty part of Sunday’s roast.

3. Kimmo - 19/04/2007


Why does it seem as you carott is stuffed into an (very) outsized condom?

4. Matt Rowson - 19/04/2007

You can’t be too careful.

5. Ralph - 20/04/2007

Steve Reader? why no yellow? I hear you ask. He is an ‘onuary ‘orn from Leamington who has only been to the Vic once to see us play Inter Milan and the SF was only his third pro football game ever.
Therefore, funny story from Villa Park………………..me and Steve standing by wall. Man walks past. “Hello Graham” says Ralph. “Hello” says man, “I like your t.shirt” “thank you” says Ralph. “Who’s that?” says Steve, “That is Graham Taylor” says Ralph. “Who’s Graham Taylor” says Steve.
Please forgive him father, for he knows not that he has sinned etc!

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