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Vote Fraser! 07/05/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Those of you who know him should need no more urging; those of you who don’t should start by referring to the countless photos of a distant figure clutching a plastic bag of vegetables during yet another forlorn away trip, just a minor footnote in the endless list of the man’s contributions to our football club. For the sake of all humanity, vote Don Fraser in the 606 Barclays Fan of the Season Awards. Thank you.


1. NRC - 07/05/2007

Job done, good luck to Don; good to meet a fellow five a dayer at Reading, even if his watermelon had seen better days!

2. Gerard - 08/05/2007

Gets my vote (Frances told me to vote for him anyway!)

3. Apperley 'Orn - 08/05/2007

Vote well and truly lodged – goes without saying, the man is a legend.

On another note, I was disappointed to see that Frances didn’t win Supporter of the Season at the club awards – what has that Short bloke ever done other than perforate our ear drums?!

4. Matt Rowson - 08/05/2007

Indeed, Apperley. Good Grief.

5. Fran - 08/05/2007

Thanks, Apperley. Not sure that I am any more deserving of the award than the loud one. I did wear a nicer frock to the dinner, though.

6. Apperley 'Orn - 08/05/2007

Well Frances, you made me chuckle when you appeared on MOTD2 with some very interesting vegetables, you give the WML great feedback on the stiffs’ progress and, never having actually met you or had your voice implanted into my skull via the tannoy, you have never inadvertantly or otherwise damaged my hearing. That’s good enough for me! :o)

7. MikeP - 09/05/2007

It all sounds very suspicious to me. How many people thought “Hmm, that man who’s employed at Watford deserves the Supporter of the Season award”? Not that a club employee doesn’t deserve it per se, just that I can’t think of anything he’s done that specifically deserves it.

8. the truth - 09/05/2007

The notion of getting an award simply for watching a football club play is utterly fatuous

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