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Watford 3 Gillingham 0 (14/08/2007) 15/08/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five Thunks from Gillingham…

 1- Gillingham have become a sad parody of their former selves – with the fathers and uncles of the original cast of the Gills’ aggressive but effective Hessenthaler-era side in the starring roles.  A grim warning to all smaller clubs teetering above relegation to the third tier.

2- If I’d been right back Nicky Southall, I might have been tempted to take a red card in the final few minutes to save myself any further embarrassment.  Possibly quite a bit earlier than the last few minutes, in fact.

3- Will Hoskins “in the hole”.  Wow.

4- Environmental protestors believed to be planning a demonstration in opposition to the continuing expansion of Delroy Facey.

5-   Tradition seems to mean nothing at Watford any more.  The Carling Cup first round is supposed to be a bit like driving drawing pins into your forehead.  Short on surprise, high on pain and a little bit pointless.  Entertainment, of all things, I ask you.  I blame Mark Ashton…



1. Vaughan Smith - 15/08/2007

Positives – McNamee running rings round everybody Gillingham deployed on the right. Hoskins finally putting himself about to positive effect. Rinaldi’s set piece deliveries.

Negatives – Kabba – rubbish, get rid of him, he’s got no place at Watford. Numerous failed attempts to break the off-side trap.

2. Kris - 15/08/2007

If only Macca could deliver that on a regular basis and against decent sides – we don’t need another winger.

Hoskins has so much talent playing behind the main striker – but I fear Aidy will persist on putting him wide – simply because there is no other spot available. Give him the central role once in a while – for a full match – and we’ll see how good he can be.

Kabba – well at least he ran and ran. I think his mindset is improving – all he needs now is confidence and we may have another option as striker and wing.

My biggest satisfaction from yesterday came from the fact that – with a back4 of Osborne – Mariappa – Avinel – Parkes (average age around 12) – we kept Gills from testing Lee more or less.

The second biggest satisfaction was that – with a team of reserves – we beat a reasonable league 1 side, and did it by a mile. Even the reserves to the reserves (Osborne, Campana and Forbes) did great. We have so much more strength in depth now than during the promo-season. Our second 11 would survive the league safely I feel.

And all the youngsters doing well last night… well – the future is bright – the future is yellow!

3. Albert Tatlock - 15/08/2007

Fine summary el-statmeister. Though surprisingly, not enough obscure stats included in your report. Your standards are slipping.

Admittedly, yours truly couldn’t remember whether he paid auto-pay or not but the new turnstile system is rubbish. If it took 25 minutes to get in the ground on Tuesday, how long is it going to take on Saturday?

I was in a foul mood after waiting to get in the Vic in the sodding rain, then I noticed that the new Directors seating was rather plush. How many mug-fans were booted out to make way for the Chairmans friends?

However, watching the game and seeing the youngsters putting on a good show – lifted the spirits. Great to see the talent that is in the wings. Some more than capable prospects ready to take the step-up to pro-football. It even made this old codger happy!

Anyway, did anyone see Harry Bassett lurking? When are you fellas going to launch your BASSETT watch section?


“knocking on statto heaven’s door”

4. Back from Hammerau - 15/08/2007

I can’t remember the last time so many corners, free kicks and crosses were delivered into the danger area.
It was such a pleasant change from the usual standard where our corner-takers appear to be aiming for the other corner flag.

5. Dave Jackson - 16/08/2007

Spot on Albert! As one of those “mug fans” it was a timely performance from the boys. When I saw my old seat in the middle of the u r, freshly upholstered, no doubt at great expense, and then walked all the way to the far end to see my replacement, windswept and rain-soaked I certainly needed a terrific performance to lift the spirits. Let’s hope for more of the same against Sheffield Unpleasant on Saturday.

6. Doug - 16/08/2007

Point 4. – Point well made. I was discussing this with my companions in the rookery and we reckoned Richard Lee could well have been unsettled by the sight of someone apparently running at him holding a white sheet. 🙂

7. Mark - 16/08/2007

A really encouraging performance by the youngsters

They coped well in defence and tried to PASS and move at every attack rather than just hit and hope.

8. Andy - 17/08/2007

here’s the gillingham view, the blog as a whole doesn’t make for very happy reading…..


9. lazza - 17/08/2007

Loving Aidy’s quote on McNamee in last night’s London Lite:

“Anthony does things that are breathtaking and has a quickness of foot that Morris Dancers would be pleased with”

Big up yerself Betty

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