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Watford 1 Sheffield United 0 (18/08/2007) 19/08/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Five thunks from the win over the Blades:

1- Six points from these two league games without playing terribly well is a bit of a result.

2- Lee Williamson.  Not just bluster from Mr.Boothroyd, then.

3- Tommy Smith’s goalline clearance.  A thing of wonder – and harks back to the 2003 semi-final.  If Smudger had been given a start, would he have cleared off the line when Beattie shoved Robbo clear?

4- Mart Poom could do with talking to his defenders now and again.

5- James Beattie.  You’d have thought they could have gotten a bit more lard for £4m.  Cookeen would have done a deal or something, surely?


1. Mark - 19/08/2007

Good solid performance with Williamson and Shittu the most impressive.

Poom made a couple of decent saves but needs to come off his line more.

I did not think Smith played that well but the clearence was great!

Good start to beat 2 of our rivals and we can get better.

2. Albert Tatlock - 19/08/2007

Excellent to see things are going well on the pitch and the luck we didn’t enjoy last season is going our way this time around.

It was a dour game, but we battled hard and got our just deserts – next weeks game at Leicester looks like it will be a cracker. May get out the Cantabrica bus pass for the game!

After the chaos of Tuesday – the new season ticket worked a treat I am glad to say.

Bit disappointing to see the ground wasn’t full – considering it was 2 ex-prem teams. Perhaps the bizarre ticket pricing “strategy” of adding £5 to on the day fans is a disaster in the making.

Oh, in the pre-season preview someone remarked about the lack of volunteers to take on the BsAD mantle. Not only we have we lost BsAD but also the greatly missed LaTS (TYE and CLAP) – so come on the next generation take up the mantle of representing the Watford fans on the web and print.

Onwards and upwards.

3. Tim Perkins - 19/08/2007

>>4- Mart Poom could do with talking to his defenders now and again.

We commented before the game at the lack of communication between Mart Poom and Alec during the warm up. Poom seemed to be handing out instructions and there was none of the chat and good humour you saw between, Ben, Richard and Alec.

Maybe Mr Poom thinks he’s so good he doesn’t need a goalkeeping coach and he has nothing to learn from an old timer ? Oh dear.

4. Matt Lovett - 19/08/2007

Excellent result. Decent performance, with more to come I’m sure. Felt a bit sorry for Hendo missing two relatively straightforward chances, but what a beautiful cross for the goal.

I think the reason for the £5 surcharge is to deter ‘walk in’ punters, as the ultimate goal is to make the turnstiles completely unmanned, apart from the stewards outside making sure that no-one with a bottle of Diet Pepsi takes the bottle lid in with them of course! Granted it will reduce the wage bill, but a couple of dozen people earning £6 an hour for 2-3 hours every fortnight is hardly the greatest cost cutting strategy I’ve ever come across!

5. Markymark - 20/08/2007

Looking good at the top of the league having seen off 2 of the more fancied sides albeit playing only reasonably!
We now have decent cover in every position but if we lose MK again or either Smith or McAnuff we might struggle as neither Kabba nor Hoskins are good enough right midfield/wing.Playing JM on the right & Macca on left would be okay I believe especially at home.I hope we get Ellington & can’t understand why he hasturned us down twice when he can’t even get into the WBA team despite Kamara and Koumas moving on!
Don’t forget where you came from Duke – Walton & Hersham!Football hasgiven you a superb living and you are certainly not too “big” for Watofrd FC!!

6. Tom Bodell - 21/08/2007

Very impressed. We’ve come up against two teams with amazing forward lines (Wolves: Boothroyd, Eastwood, Kightly, Keogh and Blades: Beattie, Stead and Webber) and beaten them both.

We weren’t fantastic in the first half-a great save from Poom kept it goalless-shocking marking for that Bromby header. However, second half, different kettle of fish, well, place, pace, tempo and the midfield worked hard. Especially Smith and Williamson.

Great goal, well made, bring on the Foxes-I’m going!

7. Markymark - 22/08/2007

Disagree that Wolves & Sheff United have “amazing” forward lines.Beattie isoverpriced and overated.Webber and Stead don’t score enough.For Wolves, Keogh looks good but does n’t score enough either.I wouldn’t mind Kightly tho’ at Watford.
I am going to Leicester too – should be a good one!

8. Tom Bodell - 23/08/2007

Fair enough, amazing might be pushing it, but certainly good enough to get them out of this league I believe.

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