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Coventry City 2 Watford 3 (25/04/2009) 26/04/2009

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Five thunks from the win that confirmed safety at the Ricoh Arena

1- Glad I bothered. Nearly didn’t, but my brother’s assertion that the most fun is had at such games where expectations are lowest won the day. A thoroughly chaotic, inept, enjoyable second division game.

2- Even at two-down, and even during the spell in the middle of the first half when we appeared totally lacking in conviction or oomph or knowledge of what the hell we were supposed to be doing, Coventry looked truly awful and the game was never lost.  Much as confirmation of our place in next season’s division feels overdue, on this evidence the Sky Blues (Browns) must be slightly relieved that the season isn’t a couple of weeks longer.

3- A smashing cameo from Danny Rose.  Finally an inkling of what he’s supposed to be all about… far from the lightweight deputy for the unfortunate Ross Jenkins we’d feared, Rose showed no small tenacity and benefited from the options afforded by a central role.

4- “One day Lloydy will score”.  Well it should have been today… after one cut inside and dragged shot ride, the sort of thing that’s become almost passé over recent weeks, we suddenly had Lloydinho following up (following up!!!) Priskin’s first half shot.  Not quite an empty net but the keeper was grounded, almost predictably Doyley’s excitement got the better of him and the shot went over.  Probably a good thing, not sure I could have taken the excitement.

5- Rupert dressed as a shark attempting to coax the crowd into a “Ronnie, oh Ronnie Ronnie” chant by waving his flippers around isn’t a memory that will fade quickly…



1. Aylesbury 'Orn - 26/04/2009

The antics of said shark were the most entertaining thing about the 1st half. Good to see Rose make his mark when he came on. Not sure what Brendan said to him but it clearly had an effect. Like you Matt even at 2-0 down I never thought that the game was beyond us. A fantastic day out all in all!

2. Kris - 26/04/2009

Good to finakky be mathematically safe.

At two-nil down, I shut down my pc and went into the garden to enjoy the weather. Came back with a coule of minutes left and was rather shocked at our comeback.

I shudder to think that there’s a high likelyhood that neither of the scorers will be at the Vic next season. And now there’s even talk of Brendan leaving for Royals.

Certainly will be an interesting summer.

Kris - 27/04/2009

Finakky should of course be finally. An edit button would be nice 😉

3. Esp - 26/04/2009

Never mind any match recollections where on the www are the photos of Rupert the Shark and Anna the Tiger. We MUST be told Matt!!

The home match versus Derby can now be a Vicarage party and I, for one, hope that the lads get to do a lap of honour.

If the Russos allow us to keep Rasiak, Priskin, Smith, Williamson (M), Rose, Lee (as back up to Loach) and Cork to add to the almost certain retainees Rodgers, DeMerit, Mariappa, Cowie and Lloydinho 2009/10 should be a season to savour. In the words of our erstwhile manager Bring it On!

4. DM - 27/04/2009

Is it just me, or have Coventry been 15th/16th all season ? Give me a successful relegation fight over that sort of monotony every day.

Saturday was my last game this season. I will take many fond memories away from it, not least the removal of Messrs Simpson and Ashton. On the pitch, the emergence of genuine talent in the shape of Scott Loach and Ross Jenkins, the continued excellence of Tommy Smith and the rebirth of players like Lloyd Doyley and more recently Jay DeMerit has been a highlight, while the signings of Don Cowie and Mike Williamson marked the return of to the successful policy of unearthing gems in the transfer market, which can only be A Good Thing. In terms of games, the Charlton win will take some beating for sheer leaping about and shouting lots, and finally, even though he took his time to get going and remains a work in progress, we have a new manager that has played his part in restoring this Watford fan’s faith in all things yellow and black, along with his players.

Roll on August !

5. Matt Rowson - 27/04/2009

Yellow and Black. Idiot.

And Coventry are always 15th/16th every season. It was ever thus.

straightnochaser - 27/04/2009

Then why aren’t Wolves 7th? I thought that was ever thus!

6. Walker (R) - 27/04/2009

Wasn’t there, but can only think Rupert’s ichthyic efforts were in some way a kind of homage to the bovine scenes in the stands at a freezing boundary park against Oldham in the mid-90s. The game’s biggest laugh came when the wearer of the top half of the cow costume stood up to berate the official with a damning downward swipe of the right hoof (for those who remember CYHSYF’s ‘Wilko Wave’ to the linesman).

Good work from said shark and accompanying wild cat – and well done all those that cheered the ‘Orns to Championship certainty.

Like DM, it’s Good Riddance Gimpson, Cashton et al and welcome back to Salad Days and a new recipe of openness at The Vic.

7. Esp - 27/04/2009

Does anyone know does Smudgers’ Coventry goal count as a penalty goal or a normal in play goal?

8. markymark - 28/04/2009

Normal in play goal idiot ( as Mattg would say! ) 🙂

9. Esp - 28/04/2009

I’ll take abuse from Matt but not from you markmark 🙂

Seriously though.. many happy returns today to the co-founder of the bestest Watford football forum by a mile and more power to his biro and mouse

Be Happy Ian!!

10. Ian Grant - 29/04/2009

Ta muchly.

11. Back from Hammerau - 29/04/2009

And a belated happy birthday to Richard Johnson who was 35 on Monday.

12. Old Git - 30/04/2009

You’ve a long way to go, ig, a long way, before you join the ranks of the venerable. But Happy Day anyway!

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