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I dun a book 04/09/2009

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Many of you will know this already, and therefore this post contains nothing new. Visitors from other clubs who have chanced upon BHaPPY are of course welcome, but perhaps won’t be overly interested in what follows. For those of you who’ve been directed here in search of information on growing fruit and vegetables I am genuinely sorry, far more so than I am for the Watford supporters who felt that our Five-a-day Awaydays (see category listing right) were something of a betrayal. Get over yerselves.

However, the two or three of you that remain unaccounted for in the above may be interested to learn that I’ve penned a book on the Hornets, due to be released a week today (Sep 11). “Watford On This Day” chronicles the club history by running through the calendar year and detailing an event or events that happened on each day from January 1st through to December 31st. I’m dead proud of it. I would say that, of course, but I’m saying it anyway.

The book goes on sale at the club shop next week, and will also be available to order online. You can also order direct from Amazon and the book will be available at all your favourite high-street stores (at least in Watford…), but the club have a couple of weeks’ exclusivity… so if you’re going to Barnsley or Leicester you’re better off buying it from the club anyway and saving yourself p&p.

If you’re too tight to spend your hard-earned coppers on it, you might want to try entering the Official Site’s on line competition and win a copy signed by everyone’s favourite pie-eating pint-quaffing Watford manager; the answer to the question has been discussed on these pages previously for those of you paying attention.

We now return you to your regular programme. Thanks very much…



1. Simon in Oz - 06/09/2009

I ordered a copy from Amazon a few weeks ago, Matt. They tell me it’s on the way. I’m sure it will be a ‘beaut.’ It’s my pressie to myself for my 50th birthday on the 15th September. Let’s hope the 2015 7th reprint/updated edition marks 15.9.09 as a fantastic 5:0 away victory at Plymouth, famously featuring a well constructed Lloyd Doyley hat trick.

2. Ian Lay - 07/09/2009

Congrats Matt on getting your book on the shelves. Excellent idea and I’m sure it will be a great read.

Hopefully you didn’t have the same problem that Douglas Adams had with book deadlines! 🙂

For those that don’t know, DA used to love deadlines. He loved “the whooshing sound they made as they flew by”.

3. NRC - 07/09/2009

Well done from me too Matt, it’s on my birthday list. I can recommend the management at Waterstones Watford who were very helpful with signings for Golden Daze.

Nick Corble

4. Matt Rowson - 08/09/2009

Thanks Nick. Hope to speak to them over the next week.

5. Mike in Oxford - 08/09/2009

Nick, many thanks for your inscription in Golden Daze for my son last year.

6. Martin - Apperley 'Orn - 09/09/2009

Following last year’s indulgence in the shape of Nick Corble’s “Golden Daze” (which was a damn fine read – thanks Nick) I shall look forward to burying my head in your book Matt.

If the quality of what you write/have written here and elsewhere is anything to go by, I am sure it will be a quality purchase.

7. Peter Fahy - 18/10/2009

Fascinating book full of quirky facts I really enjoyed it and it has given me a thirst for more. This is very well put together and well worth the price.

8. Matt Rowson - 20/10/2009

Cheers Peter

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