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Watford 3 Leicester City 1 (12/05/2013) 12/05/2013

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

1- If you’ve come for a calm, balanced perspective on things you’ve come to the wrong place.  Surely nobody with a vested interest is capable of anything approaching objectivity this evening, in the context of the quite extraordinary last eight days…  your best qualified candidate for this is in Cornwall, of all places, so you’re stuck with me.  And just a few hours ago I was shuffling up a dazed Occupation Road with a bouncing six year old proclaiming that we were “definitely going to win the final.  For certain.  If they score a hundred goals, we’ll score a thousand….”.  That result, for one, is no longer in doubt, but don’t expect cold analysis here. We’re far too far gone for that.

The most impressive thing, the most impressive of all the impressive things, is that the team didn’t fall for that.  The emotional thing.  I mean they did, obviously they celebrated, we’ve all seen the pictures, we all saw the bedlam at the end of the game.  But during the game, and particularly after David Nugent’s obligatory goal, an equaliser as effortlessly straightforward as our opener had been extraordinary, we didn’t waver.  To be fair the Rookery, on another unusually boisterous afternoon, only simmered down relatively briefly… but all of us were surely thinking “this isn’t meant to be. So close last weekend, so much better than Leicester and yet… and yet…”.

None of that on the pitch.  Not one inch, not one wobble.  We’re used to the extravagant flamboyance of this Watford team, of this remarkable, improbable group of players, but focus, conviction, discipline like this in combination with that flamboyance is truly terrifying.  If the heads dropped momentarily they were up again as soon as we kicked off, and we concentrated on moving City around, keeping possession, knowing that the chances would come. By the start of the second half, Christian Battocchio was delicately stepping around two challenges in the area patiently weighing up his angles, like a golfer on a putting green. His shot was pushed wide, brilliantly, by Schmeichel but there was no doubt which side were bossing the game in every respect.

2- For which so much credit has to go to the manager.  Thinking back to the start of the afternoon, about six months ago, eyebrows were raised at the inclusion of Vydra.  It’s to the crowd’s credit that disquiet at the young Czech’s form hasn’t stretched any further than chanting Fernando Forestieri’s name whenever he warms up… admittedly there are bigger asks than keeping faith with a 20-goal-Championship player of the season, but nonetheless it’s all to the good that his name has been chanted with every nervous failure to score since February. I don’t think anyone expected anything other than Deeney/Forestieri up front today, nonetheless… Vydra’s role is on the counter away from home, here is a big physical opponent who are surely guaranteed to sit back and smother space, a job for Fernando’s lock-picking skills.

Not a bit of it.  And if it took one false start, a razor-sharp break that concluded with a shot firmly across the face of goal, then Vydra’s opener was a thing of beauty and wonder worthy of ending any lean streak.  It’s in danger of being buried in the avalanche that was to come, but it shouldn’t be for it was exquisite, from Cassetti’s casually brilliant chipped pass to the Marco Van Basten finish.  Bang. Pick that out.

Those defending Vydra’s continued inclusion had been arguing that such a talent needed to be played back into form, that he was going to flame on with a vengeance at some point.  It was still an incredibly brave decision to pick him, brave and devastatingly effective.

Equally bold was the second half replacement of Lloyd Doyley with Forestieri, albeit we were at 1-1 at that stage and needing a goal.  No dawdling, no indecision, a necessary gamble made with enough time left to give it a chance of working.  As it turned out we levelled the tie within a minute, a brutally delicate one-two between Vydra and Deeney that exposed the extent to which Leicester’s generally competent defending was being eroded by constant movement.  This didn’t render the substitution a mistake though – good decisions don’t guarantee good outcomes – and worth noting that Forestieri put the graft in in his left-sided attacking role, both attacking and defending.  This was definitively not characteristic of his play earlier in the season.

3- Let’s be clear, in case this point isn’t crystal enough already.  Leicester City’s support has done them credit in every game this season;  they made for an intimidating, boisterous but never negative atmosphere in each game, always focusing more on supporting their own team than goading our lot.  As a club, there’s lots to like… the facilities are good, the staff were courteous and friendly.

But the team is unspectacular.  City are a typical fair-to-middling Championship side… some excellent individuals, including the monstrous Morgan and blameless Schmeichel, but lacking options, lacking imagination and probably less than the sum of its parts. We have been the better side in each of the four encounters this season and here, as in each of the two most recent games, we reduced City’s play to rubble in the second half.  That there was a different ending to the game on Thursday here was nothing to do with “luck” (and as far as that goes, we’re still owed it in spades given last weekend’s events).  No, we were simply much the better side, and thoroughly deserved the victory.

4- So.  What to talk about next. Oh yes…

It wasn’t a penalty for starters, the slippery Knockaert delivering on the unlikable impression he’d cast by tumbling at the merest hint of Marco Cassetti’s challenge.  But it has to be said that this didn’t register at the time, we had our heads in our hands in the Rookery.  I would certainly have been grateful for a quiet, dark room to lie down in and not to have watched any more.

It seems extraordinary that the player with the most Premiership experience in the squad qualifies as an “unsung hero”, but then “extraordinary” is a word that’s already been used several times in this article simply because no others will do.  Manuel Almunia has made mistakes this season.  There, you can count them on your thumbs.  But this double save guarantees his overdue cult status.  And if the overriding emotion in reviewing the chaotic end to the game is “how the bloody hell did that happen?” or “wow” or a variation on the theme, then the sheer quality of the breakaway shouldn’t be overlooked.

In the first half, Leicester to their credit bombed at us in the wake of our “equaliser” and we were rocking straight away, no chance to settle into the new reality, on the ropes.  We had around thirty seconds to drive at City’s psychologically vulnerable spot in the same way in the wake of the penalty save and needed only twenty of them.  If Cassetti’s clearance necessarily prioritised absoluteness over accuracy, then the incredible Ikechi Anya’s chest down and turn spoke volumes for both his ability and his fitness.  Good god, this was in the ninety seventh minute of a game in which he’d played at wing back for the third time in a week, and been the focal point of our attack for much of it as we sought to put as much pressure on the hapless Schlupp at left back as possible.  And yet he’s off…

…and then it’s Nando, marauding with space on the right.  “Great tricks but variable end product, luxury player”.  Ha.  WHAT a cross at full pace, in the dying seconds.  What if that had gone into the Rookery?  Into Schmeichel’s arms?

Jonathan Hogg, back stick.  For goodness’ sake don’t shoot, good lad…  and Deeney.  Obviously Deeney.  An absolute colossus again, and the biggest single difference between our attacking cohesiveness now vs the first leg.

And you know the rest.  The pitch invasion could have gone badly wrong, but it’s still up there with the greatest goal celebrations any of us will ever enjoy.  Off the top of my head, only Wembley and Lloydy come close.

5- The aftermath was just tremendous.  As ecstatic as last week’s lap of honour was subdued.  Zola, punching the air… no performance this, no playing to the gallery, this was raw.  Nyron Nosworthy, limping along on crutches at the back of the party with his video phone trained awkwardly on the Rookery.  Irrepressible Fernando at the centre of everything.  As others have said, no real heart or feel for this club, these foreign types.



Overconfidence?  A danger that we might think the job’s already done, rather than half-done?

I don’t think so.  Rachie, my six year old daughter, was right.  This side has demonstrated that not only do we have the players, we’ve got the discipline, we’ve got the spirit, we’ve got the tactics, we’ve got the team.

We’re going to Wembley.  And it doesn’t matter if the other lot score a hundred goals.  If they do, we’ll score a thousand.

Bring it on.




1. petebradshaw - 12/05/2013
2. Will - 12/05/2013

Just a note on diving, by no means a dig at Leicester but in the last three games, our players have been remarkable in their efforts to stay on their feet when challenged, something that can’t be said of our opponents. Considering we were frequently labeled a diving team early in the season it is ironic that Knockhaert’s dive has handed us a second life. I assume this is the manager’s influence and it is to the teams credit that we have one this way.

3. keith catchpole - 12/05/2013

“Was there ever such a roar….”

4. Paul Goss (@PaulGoss) - 12/05/2013

It’s gone midnight and I’m still buzzing after that amazing win. Great report mate.

5. Dave - 13/05/2013

I couldb’t bear to watch the game on TV. I didn’t believe. Never recovered from the heartbreak of Leeds (watching last half hour on my wife’s brother in law’s phone when I didn’t think I’d be able to see it. )

Now I’m praying I can get a Wembley ticket as serendipity has me back home for the week of the final. Already right at the back of the queue due to not having been able to come over this season.

As if it weren’t tense enough.

Hornetboy84 - 13/05/2013

My view is that any “Watford fan” should just turn up after week 1 at the ticket office with pics of themselves, a buying history of the Wobby, old programmes, a signed approval from the Pope, teh ability to name the team vs Everton in 84, and just make the ticket office sell them a ticket …. whilst acknowleding we dont want a “Millwall” there has to be common sense to sell 39,000 tickets….. !!
I have mates with kids who have “lapsed” and this is a chance to get their kids as a lifelong Horns !!

Dave - 13/05/2013

Getting to the ticket office is the problem. I live in Sweden.Hence the being home part (I’m an Amersham boy).
84 Everton team…um…off memory not the internet…Sherwood, Taylor, Jackett, Sims, Barnes, Callahan, Johnston, Reilly….oh God…who was in for Wilf Rostron?
Bollocks. I was there but in fairness I was only 7 at the time. I could produce my copies of the program and “Tale of the Unexpected” plus a picture of my son wearing my old Iveco shirt…would that do do you think? Does spitting at the mention of that utterc**t Andy Gray count?

Dave - 13/05/2013

OK, turns out I got the whole defence wrong…Sinnott, Terry, Bardsley and Price.

6. Kilburn Ornet - 13/05/2013

Great write up as usual Matt. I’ve turned to Bhappy in the early hours of a Monday when I should be getting some sleep. But I’ve been occupied with fellow orns watching those 20 seconds over and over.

One thing to add, you touched on it, but after watching the replay a few times… Hogg’s run (sprint) from box to to box and the cool decision was fantastic and very much as important as Manuel’s and Troy’s contribution, Hogg busted his own and several others’ guts to get there and make that crazy moment happen.

My knees are geting trembley la la la la

7. Simoninoz - 13/05/2013

….and so it has come to be. Flights booked so Simoninoz will become, briefly, SimonatWembley.

8. JP - 13/05/2013

Before the game a friend said picking Vydra was akin to the compulsive gambler who keeps putting it all on black as it must come up sometime.
Deeney to Vydra – wide. Still bloody red. Cassetti over the top – it’s black, it’s black it’s black. Then Deeney to Vydra and it’s black again! Finally, when there is nothing else to try – sod it put it all on black 9.


PS it was the same ref from Brenford v Doncaster wasn’t it?

9. DavidHornet - 13/05/2013

The same refereee, Michael Oliver. He was never picked for any football team at school but was very good at exams. He crammed for his Pro Ref qualifications and swallowed the entire rule book. The powers that be were pleased with his performance and granted him the licence to ref in the Premiership and to buy the dive that set up the most glorious, improbable and scintillating end to any Watford game I have ever witnessed. I salute you.

10. putajumperon - 13/05/2013

So, it wasn’t a dream.

Stuart Campbell - 13/05/2013

Just a postscript name to add to Matt’s magnificent list last week… Gordon Bennett. Gordon Blooming Beautiful Bennett.

11. Andrew J - 13/05/2013

Aside from the question of what division we will be playing in next season, there is the secondary question (answered in part by the first) of how many of this squad will be at Watford next season. The shared joy and togetherness of the post-match celebration surely will contribute to the decisions of most of the loan players should they have the option of staying on. As far back as I can remember, players have spoken of the special feeling at Watford, and I’m sure this lot will echo that. Heroes, all of them.

12. Sequel - 13/05/2013

I would like to make an apology to my daughter’s boyfriend. Yesterday, at around 2.28pm, I may have become a little too intimate in the immediate aftermath of Troy’s goal.
Sean, I hope the hickey heals quickly…..

Andrew - 13/05/2013

And I’d like to apologise to my six year old son, whose hand I was holding as the penalty was taken. I was still explaining to him that it was about to be all over despite the fact that we were winning the game 2-1.

I was still holding that hand as I jumped about three feet in the air shortly afterwards (several times). I eventually came down to earth to find him in floods of tears which clearly weren’t of joy and had no idea what I had done to cause this…

Charlie still wants to go to Wembley.

13. NickB - 13/05/2013

Well done Matt, phenomenal stuff.
Not many sides would have had the desire, fitness and above all imagination to create a goal like that one, utterly outstanding.
Glad you made positive noises about their support, I’d also give a mention to Pearson, whom I’ve always had down as a curmudgeonly bore in the past, but who has been very dignified over the past couple of weeks.
It was the Leicester home league fixture when I started to fall in love with this team; our passing that day was sublime and there’s a nice symmetry about yesterday’s closing episode against the same opposition.
Don’t know about the players, but I need a couple of weeks rest before the Final!

14. Patrick Walker - 13/05/2013

Like SimoninOz, flight tickets booked from Sydney, and come hell or high water I’ll be at Wembley. God knows what the neighbours here thought when that goal went in at about 11.30 on an otherwise quiet Sunday night, but in well over 40 years of supporting the ‘Orns that is the most insane moment I can recall. The beauty of supporting a real club is that you endure the years of mediocrity (or worse….I) and the few glorious, glorious moments when the heavens align are all the sweeter for it. I cannot imagine that anything will ever rival that last 30 seconds, but with this wonderful regime, who knows?!

Dave - 13/05/2013

Patrick and Simon – are you in the same boat as me? Not had a chance to get to the Vic this season so right at the back of the queue? if so do you think we’ve got a chance at tickets? I’m feeling deeply nervous about it. I really don’t want to miss this.

15. John Samways - 13/05/2013

Some reflections, Matt:
– we never, ever ‘expect cold analysis’ from BHaPPY ….. you deliver far, far more than that
– this report is truly ‘a thing of wonder and beauty’ – befitting the match itself.
– an extraordinary match – an extraordinary 9 days – an extraordinary season – indeed, mofre extraordinary than the previous 60 seasons (others may have a longer perspective). WFC is an extraordinary club – let us never forget that.
– you have ruined ig’s holiday ……. not by simply yet deliciously reminding him of what he missed, but by setting the bar very, very high for future reports in BHaPPY.
– i, and many others, await them eagerly.

Thank you – keep up the good work.

John Samways

16. Jeremy Clarkson - 13/05/2013

The roar…..up there with Smartie at Wembley

Passion….matches the early Taylor era

We the supporters…..as if we ever had any doubt.

today was what “our” club is all about…..in my 50 years weve been down and weve been up..but to do it all in 20 seconds, do I want more, b**dy hell do I want more, yes please……bring it on….

17. ollyparenting - 13/05/2013

The kind of thunks that we’ll probably keep returning to for many months – even years – to come. Just to be a complete pedant (only because it makes the incredible denouement even more incredible), I think Anya’s control before his game-changing run didn’t even involve his chest, just a simple touch off his laces changing Casetti’s punt into the perfect pass to set him off on his way. Genius. And I just want to repeat, because for me it was the most crazy part of that crazy 20 seconds, WHAT THE HELL was Hogg doing in the perfect place at the back post, with a perfect knock-down before that perfect finish?!! Just like the rest of them: heroic.

Matt Rowson - 13/05/2013

indeed. and Schmeichel didn’t save Battocchio’s shot either – it was a corner thanks to a quick deflection that I’d missed, assumed Schmeichel had got to it.

Try not to watch highlights before writing this stuff, don’t want to colour interpretation with trivia like “factual information”. Didn’t QUITE succeed this time…

18. Dave Jackson - 13/05/2013

That was awesome, and now my 11 year old daughter is finally in love with the club.
Am I allowed to point out we scored two priceless goals and looked a very creative, dangerous team while Vydra, Deeney AND Forestieri were all on the pitch together?
If you are reading this,Mr. Zola,thanks for the season and yesterday, and… please, play them all at Wembley!

19. simmos - 13/05/2013

I have copied this from IG’s report for the Leeds game

4b. Really, we pissed away the most crucial half hour (so far) of the entire campaign. The atmosphere went flat, the team visibly deflated, the frustration grew until Troy Deeney (the first person you’d want in a last-ditch quest for a winner, the first person you’d want on the teamsheet at Leicester) was dismissed for an absurd, idiotic lunge that was only necessary in the sense that, presumably, his head would’ve exploded otherwise.

Brilliant and prophetic words about Deeney. IG could we please ask for your prophecy on the Final.

20. graham - 13/05/2013

It is now exactly 24 hours later …… and I still can’t articulate properly the events, the feelings and the sheer absurd JOY of it all. A rhetorical question but how the hell did you get to sit down and write that ? Respect !!

Matt Rowson - 13/05/2013

I finished the ironing at 9.30, and knew that if I wanted to watch the highlights I really had to get the report done by 11… focused the attention…

21. Esp - 13/05/2013

Like many supporters reading this comments section my head is still buzzing so forgive me if I misappropriate the publication and timing of this quote but was there not a BHaPPY blog at the start of this season that stated “This is a difficult team to love? ”

If not I may have dreamed it but the statement was correct….unfamiliar names on the team sheet, ever changing formations, new coaching ethos but boy oh boy did we quickly learn to love the class of 2012/13 and their humble personable manager (Zola’s very first post match comment was to pay respect to Pearson and praise Leicester, not us)

7 years ago, 14 years ago we didn’t have a squad strong enough to stay iin the “not..not” – I can’t hear many saying that now

Marcus Shapiro - 14/05/2013

It’s not so much that this squad would be strong enough….. but the potential squad the owners and their wider owned squad and targets sourced via their network of talent spotters could rustle up to supplement the current core. Plus a manager who while not the most experienced seems a good judge of character, inspires affection and respect in footballers and, remarkably, has proven adept at moulding a large hastily thrown together squad of 40+ disparate players into a cohesive c 22

22. Nick Young - 13/05/2013

Sitting 5 rows up in the Rookery the amazing thing was how the action migrated in 20 seconds from a Lilliputian spectacle to a giant sized vision a few feet away. Hogg somehow materialised from nowhere right in front of us. I bumped into him relatively unscathed on the pitch at the end and the only words I could think of were “Well played.” “Cheers mate” he replied and walked off.

Joe Young - 15/05/2013

You forgot to mention that in your sheer elation you managed to fall over before even reaching the pitch- perhaps the most poorly/hilariously executed pitch invasion ever seen. And you even managed to see more of the players than I did!

23. Old Git - 13/05/2013

All this adulation of Matt needs to be seen in perspective. Did nobody else see his prescient words in last Saturday’s Observer network?

And I quote….
‘Whatever Sunday brings it’s unlikely to match last Saturday’s Leeds game for drama.’
Keep those words of wiasdom coming Matt!

Matt Rowson - 13/05/2013

Don’t argue with a statistician on points of pedantry. Unlikely is not the same as impossible. unlikely means probability not very high but not zero. And nobody would argue that yesterday’s events were anything but improbable, or do you disagree?

Therefore I was correct.

Smart arse.

24. Hornetboy84 - 13/05/2013

Me “follow in the rebound you idiots …… yes,,,, yes,,,,”
Dad “go on Anya” …….
Me ” leave it to Deeney .. YES YES YES”
Dad “where’s Colin, Wheres he gone”
Me “look there….. under the crossbar – he’s on the f*ckn pitch”
Dad “get off you idiot – its not over yet!”

Matt & Ian – thank you for having this blog to allow us unworthies to have a little say. But Ian – you just had to be there !

For Wemberlee – we need some bloody new songs though !

Matt Rowson - 13/05/2013

“But Ian – you just had to be there!”. Yes, that’ll help. 🙂

25. streety - 13/05/2013

Hi Matt, Fantastic!

Lots of discussion as to why we are not getting correct penalty decisions, particularly the Jonathon Hogg trip v Leeds and yesterday’s classic last minute debacle. This has got me thinking!

I have to clear my head of thoughts like ‘they don’t like us’ ‘They like the bigger club’ etc. otherwise it becomes pointless watching a match. This is even more important with the spectre of corruption (although this must go on to some degree)

Given the above, and whilst I couldn’t understand the Hogg trip
decision, the rule has to be if you are not 100% (maybe 99%) sure
you can’t give it! Therefore, I grudgingly understand the ref’s decision, although think it is essential that they come out and say that asap at, or straight after the event.

Yesterday was a totally different issue. I am not a psychologist, however, the first thing you have to think about is why do people become refs? There has to be a sense of personal pleasure out of being THE man, THE authority over 22 men giving their all, but relying and all being totally subservient to you. If this is true, you would get a massive buzz out of refereeing one of the most lucrative and watched matches being played. YOU have signalled
THIS IS YOUR MOMENT – WHAT DO YOU DO? (Remember no Leicester player, manager, TV pundit or TV watcher seriously felt it was a penalty so what could Michael Oliver had seen that made him 99/100% sure? Answer Nothing, he didn’t, but before he could even consider it, he had ‘SEIZED THE MOMENT’).

Thank goodness people do want to be refs though!

wfcbhoy - 15/05/2013

I have been quite amazed at how little criticism has been pointed in the direction of Mr Oliver. When people were moaning last week about having Phil Dowd I was sorely tempted to email that it could be worse, we could have Michael Oliver, who was originally slated to do Palace/Brighton I think – from memory the last time he reffed at the Vic I was ‘underwhelmed’.
Throughout the match I was sure he would have a say in the outcome, a feeling not helped by his always seeming to award free kicks one way but not the other. And if you watch now HOW he actually indicated the penaly award, it smacks of ‘look at me, I’m going to be so dramatic’ [pauses for dramatic effect, and then thrusts his arm out so the world is under no illusions about the certainty of his decision].
Yes, it all turned out ok in the end, but I don’t understand the free ride that the referee has been given for such a poor decision. Imagine how we’d be feeling had the penalty gone in…
Yes, we need referees, but if we never have this guy in charge of another Watford game again I for one will not be sad.

Matt Rowson - 15/05/2013

it’s a fair point, but the coverage that the incident has received highlights the ineptitude of that particular decision in particular more than us bitching about it would.

26. Roger Smith - 13/05/2013

So it’s Crystal Palace and Zaha in the final, not Brighton and Buckley. Holloway v Gianfranco.

In order to accommodate both Matty and FF, I suggested previously that we drop Hogg and go 3-3-2-2. What do I know? Dare we go 4-3-3 at Wembley?

27. Simoninoz - 13/05/2013

To Dave – I am lucky enough to have a brother and a nephew who are regulars at The Vic so a ticket for me shouldn’t be a problem. Do you know anyone who can help you?
To Patrick (and any other Sydney ‘Orns) I think we should meet for a refreshment and a postmortem of miracle Sunday. My email is smarchant@bestwesternaustralia.com.au.

Dave - 14/05/2013

Sadly no I don’t. Been a long time since I was regular at the Vic. I stopped going when my Dad got ill and he never recovered. The only people I know in the area these days are my mum and sister who’re not at all interested in football.
Have to hope there’s something left in a week.

Big Al - 14/05/2013

I have bought tickets this year, so should be able to buy two with my ID from Saturday morning. However, my father-in-law is a season ticket holder, so I am going to get him to buy mine using his ID tomorrow so we can sit together. Theoretically, therefore, I could get two more tickets with my ID at the weekend. Not sure what prices will be available by then, but us fans have to help each other.
Having said that, I don’t think we’ll sell out anyway

Dave - 14/05/2013

That would be brilliant. Email me thadrin@gmail.com and we can sort out details.

28. Dusty - 14/05/2013

I know there is a few videos on the Watford Observer website but here is one from the “other side” as it were. http://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=10151690565062034

hornetboy84 - 16/05/2013

Oh that is so good -and the roar from the Rookery !!!! – belies the myth that ist the acoustics that are bad that mean the away fans think we dont sing … the usual problem is …. we arent bloody singing.

Dusty - 17/05/2013

I love the couple of sounds of expectation as the ball is moved inexorably towards the goal, followed by the roar. It doesn’t even matter that you cant see the action properly as I’m sure like me you know the goal so well now.

29. Old Git - 14/05/2013

Point made, Matt. You was, indeed, correct. Your statistical pedantry does you proud. By the way, I like the new auto-signature you’ve started using.

30. Lloyd Arkill - 15/05/2013

Thank you so much for embedding the footage of The Goal with John Marks’ commentary. I will never get bored of watching this! Every time I see it I notice some new element of fun – just spotted Schmeicel adopting a comedy kung fu stance during the pitch invasion (bottom right of screen). Superb!

31. Lincoln Hornet - 17/05/2013

I just can’t stop watchin the clips of the final moments on you tube and haven’t stopped smiling since Sunday.
Having watched it so many times I have come to the following conclusion.
1. Knockaert is a cheat and deserved what he got.
2. I hope Briggs doesn’t start in the final. His initial challenge on Knockaert was woeful and Zaha will roast him. Looks perfect for a Lloydy man to man marking job.

Dusty - 17/05/2013

Football is a funny thing (as we all know). I thought Lloyd was a bit off and Briggs had one of his best games in a Watford shirt. I don’t see the team changing from the semi final myself. Even down to Forestieri and Hogg coming on as subs.

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