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Watford 1 Queens Park Rangers 2 (01/02/2021) 02/02/2021

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

1- I’m going to revisit a familiar theme.  It’s an easy one, an obvious one, repeating myself feels like cheating but screw it, it’s 10:30 in the evening and if the pattern of readership levels of this blog after a defeat vs after a win are anything to go by nobody’s going to read this anyway…

It matters more when everything’s shit.  If life is good, football is “merely” a fun thing to do.  A good way to spend an afternoon, friends, family and so on.  When everything’s shit – and let’s be clear, things are really really shit – it carries a quite unreasonable burden of responsibility, the focus of every week.  No it’s not the same when we’re not there.  But it’s something that matters.  Something to disappear into and to care about.  Something real.

So a defeat is an expensive thing.  A home defeat to local rivals having given up a lead.  Well.

2- There’s been all sorts going on on social media all week.  Nothing is quite as miserable as the last day of a transfer window when you’ve just been relegated with all that that entails and football has been hit by the pandemic like everything else.  Twitter is the worst… opinions that, were they voiced by your mate in casual conversation might provoke mild scorn incite fury when voiced by faceless individuals depersonalised by the polarising of opinions. It’s horrific, and today it’s mostly Dan Gosling’s fault.  Or Gino Pozzo’s.  Or Scott Duxbury’s.  It’s horrific, anyway.

Some actual football is welcome but the line-up and the absence of the two first-choice full-backs, both utterly reliable for as long as they’ve been available this season, is ominous.  Indeed as we start slowly, deputies Marc Navarro and Jeremy Ngakia are the most conspicuously uncomfortable.  Navarro looks horribly complacent throughout, Ngakia the opposite – anxious, wired, hyperactive.  He’s one of several players to have both very poor spells and very strong spells over the ninety minutes, later in the game he will be standing out for his gutsiness and his energy, both of which we could do with more of.

But in the first 25 minutes or so QPR dominate, and persistently funnel the ball down their right flank where the galloping Todd Kane has as much space as he wants with Hughes and Ngakia both tucking inside.  Ilias Chair puts a startling ball across the box in the second minute that Troost-Ekong – whose trajectory is inversely correlated with Ngakia’s – blocks, Macauley Bonne should have been sharper.  On 20 minutes they twice overload down the right culminating in Austin heading over from the far post.

3- It’s the things that we don’t do that are the problem, more than the things we do.  Rangers play a high line all evening, a high line comprising the wily guile of Cameron and the strength and assertiveness of Dickie but no obvious pace to speak of.  It should be food and drink to Sarr and João Pedro but QPR are far from the first side to play this way against us and get away with it.  There’s not nearly enough intelligence in the side, not enough guile.  Troy has plenty, and more than once trundles back in frustration to hurl immediate, urgent balls over the top but it’s not enough, his body isn’t obedient enough for him to drag us along any more, his force of will an abstract rather than physical problem for the visitors.  Our pace in attack should be our strength, but again proves painfully easy to play against.

Most depressing of all perhaps is quite how dominant we are when we put our minds to it.  QPR are much happier with the ball than without it throughout, but look vulnerable with the ball in defence before we put them under any kind of pressure.  As soon as we flame on after about half an hour we’re all over them, almost without trying.  Sierralta chances upon acres of space in the Rangers penalty area; he negligently puts a header plum against the bar, it rebounds against the keeper’s fingers to create the illusion of a save.  Sarr bursts free for fifteen minutes and every attack comes through him for a while, tempting left back Wallace into a yellow card, surging into space and dragging defenders towards him.  Into the second half and we’re on the front foot again, starting the second period strongly as is becoming traditional.  A burst of speed sees Sarr steal the ball on the edge of the area, Cameron treads on his foot to bring him down, Deeney arrogantly swipes home the penalty.  We are in control now, we’ve withstood what Rangers can throw at us and snatched the lead and the initiative.

And then, of course, we carelessly hand it back again.

4- Charlie Austin’s continued notoriety for his rant after the Southampton game two-and-a-bit years ago provide further evidence, as if any were necessary in 2021, that talking absolute bollocks with conviction gets you an awfully long way.  His energy and outrage captivated at the time, the essence of his argument was utter nonsense.  The more so since the same game saw Nathaniel Chalobah taken out by Ryan Bertrand whilst pulling the trigger on the penalty spot, Bertrand on a yellow card but unpunished.  Southampton hardly hard done by.  Nate doesn’t bang off in front of the cameras and nobody remembers.

Austin is back at Loftus Road after five years away and on 72 minutes turns up at the far post and heads Rangers level.  It’s a disgraceful goal, too easy for Willock to cross from the right, Troost-Ekong falls asleep and Navarro watches Austin head in without intervention.  For the second time this season Rangers look significantly better than solidly bottom half aainst us, Kane, Ball, Austin, Chair and Dickie all impress and whilst the game was ours for the taking with a goal lead and Rangers needing to push on even more this equaliser has been coming. We look… passive.  Chair and Kane had again combined to set up Bonne, asleep once more.  Kane headed wide.  Wallace set up Bonne to drive at Bachmann.

Sema makes a welcome return off the bench to scare the shit out of Rangers down their right, linking up well with Ngakia and rumbling down the flank, along the line and into the area more than once.  We’re not that far away a couple of times, the blameless Cleverley twice denied by defenders blocking near the line.  It’s not enough though;  Sarr has disappeared, Gray plays him through one but he’s tentative where bullishness is needed, even if one late run is provocative enough for a QPR voice to be heard exhorting Chris Willock to “foulhimfoulhimfoulhimfoulhim!”.  But we’re sluggish and apathetic where Rangers are urgent and aggressive.

Zinckernagel, whose continued absence from the starting lineup is much lamented, did Xisco a favour by justifying his omission, demonstrating his critical limitations in the absence of reliable cover behind him by offering no obstruction whatsoever to QPR’s progress to the winner, Troost-Ekong again further culpable as Adomah finished sharply.  I swore quite a lot.

5- Xisco’s honeymoon is over, one suspects.  An underwhelming end to the transfer window saw a surprising move for Dan Gosling, unwanted by Bournemouth, whilst sexier options had been touted, no additions to the forward line, the curtailing of two albeit disappointing loans and perhaps most oddly the dispatching of Domingos Quina to “get minutes” for a mid-table side in La Liga.

All of which merely underlines what should already have been clear.  In our circumstances we do not have a load of money to chuck around.  We’ve been relegated, the big salaries that you don’t move on are largely the ones others don’t want and that’s because they’re not doing great.

There’s a lot that’s right about the team, this evening notwithstanding.  The defence is strong, the goalkeeper is strong, the midfield is solid.  There’s stuff that isn’t right.  We’re fifth despite that, which is credible if not thrilling.

But not signing that striker, that demon midfielder, doesn’t demonstrate “lack of ambition”.  Heaven knows there are still plenty of carcasses in this division and below who have thrown good money after bad and chased it down the bathtub.  The people running the club may have made some bad calls, bit they’re owed some faith on the back of what’s gone before.  They’re the ones safeguarding the future of the club whilst supporters, some supporters, those supposedly in it for the long haul, call for them to gamble that future – sorry, show ambition – on the back of a more exciting set of signings.

Today’s been bloody miserable.  A week ago, after beating Stoke, we were looking firmly upwards.  We need to be more resilient than this, tough as it is.

And boy it’s tough at the moment.


Bachmann 3, Navarro 1, Ngakia 3, Troost-Ekong 2, Sierralta 3, Sarr 3, *Cleverley 3*, Chalobah 3, Hughes 2, Deeney 3, João Pedro 2
Subs:  Gray (for João Pedro, 67) 2, *Sema (for Hughes, 67) 3*, Zinckernagel (for Chalobah, 84) NA, Wilmot (for Ngakia, 84) NA, Cathcart, Barrett, Hungbo, Dalby, Elliot


1. ukmalc - 02/02/2021

Very depressing. Also I see Bournemouth have signed Shane Long who always seems to pop up with a goal against us so we now have that to look forward to this month 😦

2. David Allen - 02/02/2021

You do yourself a disservice, Matt. Yours is the only comment I read after a defeat such as that.

Matt Rowson - 02/02/2021

Thanks David. That helps. You’ve no idea how hard it is to start typing at 10.30 after a game like that when you don’t know what to say…

RS - 03/02/2021

Yep me too; a genuine, rational, voice of reason 🙂

3. Leggatts 'orn - 02/02/2021

Midway through the tripe that was being served up at Vic Road, I get a message from a very good friend, who has just been confirmed with prostate and bowel you all know what. Puts the football into context, just a bit. That said we are all fighting our own battles at the moment and footballers are not immune, what really grated about last nights match was pretty much the couldn’t be ar$ed about it which was on show from many of the players. My friend could do with some special magic over the next few months, but someone mixing up a bit of magic at Vic Road would help lift the spirits of this particular congregation. Top report Matt, got to agree that there is a lot right about this team, but the things that need putting right are pretty obvious. Wish Nige was still around, he’d sort it.

4. paullbaxter - 02/02/2021

Thanks for adding a voice of reason to combat the meltdowns you read elsewhere. It is extremely frustrating that we allow ourselves to be dominated so often but demanding that pretty much everyone connected with the club leave isn’t going to help. It does seem that the tendency for the team to invite the opposition to take control wasn’t just Ivic’s tactics as there is little difference now we have a new head coach. For long periods of the game the midfield struggled to find pockets of space which has been a regular feature this season. QPR showed how to do that effectively and with a better final ball they could have won more easily.

5. John V - 02/02/2021

Matt, I’d like to echo David Allen’s post! Your passion for the club, your balanced assessments in victory and defeat, and your anecdotes are always an enthralling read! Thanks!

Matt Rowson - 02/02/2021

Thanks John

6. Will - 02/02/2021

Thanks for the report as ever Matt. Hope you are feeling slightly more optimistic this morning.
After some probably ill-founded optimism after recent results, I am disappointed to be brought back down to earth by last night’s game. I didn’t see it, and haven’t seen Watford play in a while, but can’t help feeling that even if we were promoted (which seems only likely through the playoffs at present), we would have to buy in practically a whole new team to compete. So much as I’d like to go up, I’d rather we built again, but am not sure that will happen under the current structure.
However, to finish on a positive note, Watford v QPR always brings to my mind the away game at Loftus Road in 2010. I’m not a regular at games, but this was one I was at and lives in the memory, especially some of the fans doing the conga around the stand with their tops off on a very cold December evening. We could do with a Danny Graham right now!

7. Joe Whitbread - 02/02/2021

Formation was all wrong. Hughes is our best midfielder so play him in his favourite position and build the team around him. I think 4-2-3-1 is our best bet with the players we have.

Femenia was a huge loss last night. As you rightly pointed out Matt, Navarro was really poor (both attitude and performance) and shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team.

Thank you for the continued reports. They provide a welcome relief from the social media meltdowns.

8. JohnF - 02/02/2021

Thanks Matt. Your reports are a an oasis of sanity and common sense that are a big help. You are right, when things are really rubbish performances like that just make it worse while a decent performance would actually brighten the world for a short while. Important points about the finances and “ambition”. The big problem is with the two biggest earners who nobody else appears to want, partly because of their big salaries. Spending money you don’t have is not investment but recklessness, gambling with the future of our club.

Several players had a poor overall game and as you say Troy’s body will no longer let him do what he wants. Gray is a problem. The only way he could regain confidence is by playing and doing well but while that isn’t working he just becomes a passenger. It doesn’t help that he isn’t a particularly lovable character. The point about exploiting the spaces behind is spot on. Several times the midfield had opportunities to drop a pass over the back of the opposition defence with both Sarr and Pedro in position to make a run but the ball goes short or even back. Moving the ball forward quicker seems to be an imperative if we are going to make the most of what we have. I’m inclined to only listen to the commentary on Saturday so I can get on and do something useful at the same time.

Matt Rowson - 04/02/2021

First point is a bit harsh. A rock and a hard place… you don’t pay Premier League salaries, you don’t get Premier League players. Yes, yes, Andre Gray etc but it’s the dilemma that every relegated club faces. Do you plan to get relegated?

JohnF - 05/02/2021

Not intended as a criticism Matt. A statement of fact and a constraint on recruitment outside the club’s control.

9. Harefield Hornet - 02/02/2021

Well summed up. A good mate of mine who supports QPR was in touch with me during and after the game – they’ve played well – with the ball – a lot like that this season but have undermined it by not scoring and making stupid mistakes at the back. He confirmed that point to me as they conceded the penalty in a self- depreciating “told you so” text! I was beginning to understand why they’re in the bottom half when we decided to do exactly the same and the roles reversed ! What a shambles – and that’s putting it mildly! The Defence has looked so solid perhaps we got complacent – losing the 2 first choice full backs obviously didn’t help as you’ve said above. What I couldn’t stomach was the way we just carelessly tossed it away . Any more of that and Xisco will be gone before we’ve opened our Easter Eggs!

10. Greg - 02/02/2021

>The people running the club may have made some bad calls

I was with you until this line.
They have made numerous mistakes in the last two years and seemingly continue to make them.
They are responsible for the financial mess of relegation,bloated contracts and poor recruitment.They are responsible for wasting millions on endless coaching changes.They are responsible for failing to pay the players bonuses that were promised following the Cup final.
How many mistakes are too many?
It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the faith and the financial disaster that will come(if not promoted)will prove to be the final straw for some.
We need(ed) a striker and they,like our current strikers,failed to deliver.It is this mistake more than any other which will cost us promotion and I am not looking forward to the shi* show the next transfer window will be.
I guess we should enjoy Pedro,Hughes,Kiko,Sarr and Sema while we still can.

Matt Rowson - 02/02/2021

I was agreeing that they’d made mistakes Greg, not denying it. Your message is hysterical and laden with supposition, speculation and hindsight. You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but being outraged and demanding better owners doesn’t strike me as productive. I would dispute the balance of credit; above all it’s foolish to berate owners/management that have demonstrably done well in the past when the queue of folks lining up to replace them in the current climate isn’t going to be very long.

stephen B - 02/02/2021

As ever, Matt, you capture the mood very well. Particularly in the immediate emotional aftermath of, for me, an untimely avoidable defeat and a worryingly inert transfer window. My concern is that the management of the club are trapped in an Echo chamber of their own making, from which Gino Pozzo is finding it hard to escape. A series of minor, but compounding errors undermining what was quite a stable and successful approach. A not untypical tale of some minor hubris, complacency and ultimately paralysis. None of it intended, which is where I take most issue with the keyboard warriors, most of whom seem to show a lack of evidence and empathy. Keeping clubs like Watford – with the extraordinary financial disadvantages thriving amongst the elite is, incredibly challenging. Most will fail and fail spectacularly.
To me we require a substantial re set under the current ownership, not new owners. I wonder if Gino will really shake the whole thing up? I don’t fear not getting automatic promotion as much as I fear the roulette wheel of new owners that the more reactionary seem to be calling for…..

Matt Rowson - 02/02/2021

Agree completely

petebradshaw - 02/02/2021

People have been ranting on about this major reset for a while now. And what did the owner do in the last few months? Had a fairly major reset with the departure of Giraldi and Roy, and then the change of coaching staff. We haven’t had long enough to see this through (and we’ve no money to do much). People seem to think that changes bring instant differences. It’s an evolution and the evolution since 2012 has been overwhelming positive.

Matt Rowson - 02/02/2021


11. Joe Richardson - 02/02/2021

Thanks Matt, always enjoy reading your posts, especially after games like these as it helps me to make a rationale assessment of my mood – am I being unreasonably moody, overly petulant, is this an acceptably childish huff?

To add some balance, I think a transfer window when we keep Sarr, Sema, Femenía and others is actually quite a good one.

I’m also going to stick up a (little) bit for Navarro. Coming in for your first 90, standing in for arguably our player of the season, not allowing a huge amount down your side, and putting some good balls in the box isn’t an awful showing. Had Charlie Austin been on our side those crosses may have led to something. Maybe his nonchalance means a lack of effort, or maybe he’s just got that annoying ‘look’. Yes he didn’t set Sarr away enough, but neither did Cleverly and the rest. Sarr also has an annoying habit of stepping back towards his full back to receive the ball, negating his number one weapon, and asking rather a lot of Navarro (compared to Kiko) to be the overlap.

The hardest part for me yesterday was struggling to believe we would score a second goal at home, and thinking about Brentford scoring 7 at the weekend. Playoffs feels about right for us this season, after which those enraged fans might actually get to experience a truly disappointing transfer window…

Matt Rowson - 02/02/2021

Fair point on the “successes” of the transfer window Joe, easily overlooked.

We’ll have to agree to disagree about Navarro’s performance though. I think he’s looked at least useful on other occasions and agree that it was a big ask for him… but it being a big ask and him doing badly aren’t mutually exclusive. More came down our left because that’s where QPR were bombing everything, that’s not really a reflection on Navarro either way but what he did have to do he didn’t convince with, and I don’t agree as regards the quality of his crossing or – particularly – his decision making.

The persistent inability to expose a high line with one of the fastest forwards in the league was my biggest concern.

petebradshaw - 02/02/2021

The odd thing (or maybe it isn’t, he’s only young), was the lack of defensive cover from Sarr yesterday. Usually he does very well at this. I sense Navarro is quite reserved so maybe there is not much communication between them.

12. David - 02/02/2021

Out of interest Matt do you know if more people visit your site after a victory or defeat?

This game does not get close to the worst ever performance as appears to be the con census on other platforms. My top 3 horrors, the home game to Grimsby in the early nineties, Boxing Day at Fulham in GT’s last year and the defeat against Brighton on the opening game of last season.


Harefield Hornet - 02/02/2021

I remember that game at Fulham – Barry Hales scored a hat- trick I think and it’s the coldest I’ve ever felt in my life – and I’ve visited Moscow in December !

13. Steve G - 02/02/2021

Matt – please rest assured that however shit things may be either on or off the pitch, this is one place to come where will receive high quality writing, passion, logic, rationality and humour. I know that your efforts are hugely appreciated by this supporter and, I suspect, by many more. I hope that we don’t ever come to take you for granted.

On the pitch, the change of head coach has, as you indicate, made less of a difference than many first thought – enjoyable though Troy’s penalties are, they have been virtually our only source of goals in 2021. Cleverley, Chalobah and Hughes are some of our most experienced players and they’ve all put in a good shift in many of the games that they’ve played – which still can’t disguise the fact that if they are all on the pitch together we look unbalanced and/or vulnerable in key areas. In particular, Hughes looks massively more effective in a more central role. Not convinced that Sema, Sarr and Zinckernagel will work as a threesome either…any two, maybe, but as you said that final change left us looking very lightweight in centre midfield and helped give QPR the impetus for the winning goal.

Matt Rowson - 02/02/2021

I agree with you, but more generally Zinckernagel looks a bit lightweight. You can get away with that with eg Masina behind him who’ll give him reliable cover and the hope is that you gain more than you lose by having him in the team, there have certainly been tantalising signs of a good positive, creative player there. But it would have been barmy to stick him in front of Ngakia or Navarro last night (or, indeed, alongside a tiring Clevs in centre-mid….)

Matt Rowson - 02/02/2021

…and thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

14. John Smith - 02/02/2021

Hi Matt, great post as usual and sum up a lot of how we are feeling. I do not think the owners had time between relegation and now to have a serious reset. The loss of players, the reduction in money and Championship football has left a chasm in staff and support. To sack NP at the death and with novice replacements do not help. Vlad needed more time but pressure from fans (and possibly players) hastened his departure. Xcisco looks naive and I cannot see him lasting. The transfer window was difficult for most of the rated clubs’ money and availability being issues. That withstanding last nights performance was poor and not helped by an unbalanced team. Having taken the lead we do retreat and allow teams to come on to us, creating pressure on central defence I don’t think we ever looked like holding the lead except when Sema offered something from the left We are between two stools but I see more than this season in the Championship as the current squad and tactics do not allow much optimism.
Many thanks for your balanced view and report.

15. John Ford - 02/02/2021


I rarely post, but haven’t missed a report since way back in BSaD days…
I suspect (and hope) that there are many like me who appreciate quality writing and a knowledgeable, but passionate love of football.
Call us the silent majority if you like, though probably not at Vicarage Road, one day again…

16. Harefield Hornet - 02/02/2021

I kind of watched the game with a good mate who supports Rangers – swapping comments during and after etc …. and he was explaining to me that despite their lowly position they’ve played really well a lot this season but let themselves down conceding sloppy goals and lacking a cutting edge. They certainly reversed that situation last night! – point is the actual result isn’t as bad as it seems – what concerned me was how sloppy we were defensively last night – which to be fair has not really been a characteristic this season. It’s obviously up front where we’re struggling and the lack of creativity from central midfield . We need to get on another run or poor old Xisco will be gone before Easter 🐣!

Matt Rowson - 02/02/2021

Austin provides a cutting edge now up to a point. The sloppy goals thing was evident I think… they looked edgy early on when we weren’t into the game. Failing to exploit that a bigger failing than the defensive fragility you describe… either Masina or Kiko being fit (or even Sema from the start perhaps) would have been significant there.

Harefield Hornet - 02/02/2021

Definitely missed Kiko – he’s been our outstanding player so far this season in my humble opinion. And the midfield looked lopsided until Sema appeared .

17. Martin Coupe - 02/02/2021

“after a defeat vs after a win are anything to go by nobody’s going to read this anyway…” AHEM – always the first port of call for reasoned/reasonable commentary, win, lose or draw. Carry on…

Matt Rowson - 02/02/2021

Cheers Martin

18. Richard S - 02/02/2021

Always find your words cathartic after a defeat. With you completely on the toxic keyboard warriors, we’re not being hit by a lack of ambition. However the accumulation of what appear to be a growing series of errors does suggest the approach of our owners and senior management needs to substantially re-set. Maybe the summer break was too short and the transfer market too subdued. Player recruitment too often based around resale value than the needs of the squad and the continual changes to the Head Coach position are robbing the playing side of any consistent identity. I have to wonder what due diligence if any is done on our coaching recruitment, I fear we are trapped in a downward spiral until we develop some cohesion between the Head coach role, the playing style and the recruitment of players that fit the profile. Its all so confused at the moment, weren’t we told by Scott Duxbury that one objective was to reduce the age of the squad but we’ve allowed a young midfielder to go out on loan and brought in a thirty something on a multi year contract. I felt a little sorry for XM yesterday, the mind boggles at what boxes he ticked that led to his appointment.

Harefield Hornet - 02/02/2021

Even he stays until the end of the season and manages somehow to pull off promotion can anybody honestly believe Gino Pozzo would leave him in place by the start of the following season? The temptation and urge to get somebody in with higher level experience would prove too irresistible. This is where we are and whether we like it or not nothing will change unless the club goes under new ownership with a different philosophy. In my view as a Watford fan I think we have little choice other than to accept that’s the way it is, stop moaning and support the team.

19. Graham French - 03/02/2021

I post very rarely, but almost invariably read your posts, Matt, & Ian’s occasional ones. A beacon of rationality, perception & humour, needed more than ever in these times. Thank you. I hugely appreciate the effort – and skill -you put into this
That game was a hard watch, & difficult to see why it went quite so badly, but I guess formation & square pegs in round holes played a part, along with the absence of the impressive Kiko, Masina, & the absence of a “natural” goalscorer. Might it be worth giving Hungbo more minutes?
Because of the current state of things I’ve watched nearly every game this season. In a normal season i get to a max of 4 or 5. It is definitely something to look forward to. But I look forward to exchanging the wall to wall televised games for the handful of trips to the Vic!

Matt Rowson - 03/02/2021

amen to that Graham, and thanks for the kind words.

20. Ray Knight - 04/02/2021

Hi Matt – I think you have been quite restrained in your report, reflecting the deep disappointment of us all. Deliberately I held off posting in order to get some perspective on the match and our position. On a positive note we still have a decent number of points, but comparatively that is not enough with Brentford going like a train and Swansea/ Norwich solid. Munoz’s face told me everything when the TV cameras panned to him. Clearly he had no idea Garner was going (not as bad as some make out). Also probably unaware Quina was going or Chalobah may/ may not be available. Already I see no difference between Ivic and Munoz and he could be gone quicker than we think. We look fatigued in midfield and easy to work out. A couple of injuries there will wreck our season. All credit to Warburton he did his homework. Gray actually played one decent taking pass but was otherwise XXXX as usual. But that’s OK he sold his mansion (LittleMixLand) the following day for £5 million. I only calmed down later going to sleep listening to some Mozart piano concertos on the headphones. Hard to keep the faith at least until next time around…

21. Old Git - 04/02/2021

I think I might be onto something… the measured and quietly optimistic reports here are secretly produced by a sinister organisation deep within Watford Football Club that exists to prevent us all exploding with anger and rage at continually inept performances, lack of movement in the transfer market beginning after the Cup Final debacle and Andre Gray.
When I begin to read one of the BHappy reports, I am full of rage and bafflement. But then I calm down and think yes, things will get better soon, we have a good points total and are in a promising position and the Pozzos are our saviours. And Andre Gray is full of potential!
But I have it on good authority from my friends in QAnon that the real Matt is being held hostage somewhere, perhaps in a pizzeria in Hastings, and until he makes a daring escape, is prevented from telling the real truth.
Sorry, I have to go. The chip implanted into me with my covid jab has other commands for me now….

Matt Rowson - 04/02/2021

“perhaps in a pizzeria in Hastings”. Marvellous.

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