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Dirty Dozen : Norwich City 20/04/2021

Posted by Matt Rowson in Nonsense.

“Dirty Dozen” is a feature that I write for the match programme;  mindful that the programme might be enjoying a slightly lower readership than is normal, I’m reproducing the pieces that were in the corresponding home programme prior to away games for the rest of the season (with the club’s permission).

Format is simple – twelve questions, how many do you know the answers to?

Feel free to enter your responses or scores in comments but I won’t be marking them. Answers at the top of the comments.

  1. Watford were promoted to the top flight with the Canaries in both 2015 and 1982. Who are the only other club with whom we have been promoted more than once in our Football League history?
  2. Who won promotion medals with both Watford and Norwich City in 2015?
  3. The Hornets pulled off a surprise debut at Carrow Road on the opening day of the season in 2010. Unusually for a season opener there was only one debut in the Watford ranks. Who?
  4. The Norwich side that won 2-1 at Vicarage Road late in the 2003/04 season on their way to the Division One (second tier) title contained two players who ended their careers having scored for the Hornets against Manchester United in the top flight. Who?
  5. In 1985 City won the Milk (League) Cup. Their opponents in the final were Sunderland, who had beaten the Hornets in the quarter-final.  What remains unique about that final?
  6. Which striker, currently playing in the Spanish third tier with Herculés de Alicante, scored his only Watford goal against Norwich in the League Cup in 2013?
  7. Which midfielder, who played for the Hornets in three different divisions, was the last player to join City from the Hornets?
  8. Who made the 85th and final appearance of their Watford career at Carrow Road last season?
  9. Which two Welsh internationals were on the scoresheet when City became the first British side to beat Bayern Munich in their Olympic Stadium in 1993/94’s UEFA Cup?
  10. In which position did former City boss Mike Walker play over 100 games for Watford?
  11. Who, as manager of Norwich City, led his side on an open-top bus tour of St Albans?
  12. The only player that Watford have ever signed from Norwich City on a permanent basis is also City’s all-time record goalscorer.  What was his name?



1. Phil S - 20/04/2021

I was so sure that was gonna be a righteous polemic about the Dirty Dozen ESL breakaway group!

Matt Rowson - 20/04/2021

Ha. That’s coming Phil, that’s coming.

2. Matt Rowson - 20/04/2021

1. Swansea City (1978, 1979)
2. Sébastian Bassong
3. Troy Deeney
4. Iwan Roberts and Damien Francis
5. Both finalists were relegated from the top flight in the same season.
6. Javier Acuña
7. Clint Easton
8. Daryl Janmaat
9. Jeremy Goss and Mark Bowen
10. Goalkeeper
11. Mike Bassett, played by Ricky Tomlinson.
12. Johnny Gavin

10+: Gran Canaria
6-9 : Neither Fish Nor(wich) Fowl
0-5: No Canary Do.

3. Mike Peter - 20/04/2021

7/12 – 2-4, 6-8, 10.

Matt Rowson - 20/04/2021

good work

4. James Lowther - 20/04/2021

Troy’s debut was in 2010!

Matt Rowson - 20/04/2021

Dammit. Thanks James, that made the programme too…

5. Andrew Hinds (@andrewhinds) - 20/04/2021

I’m back to a more typical 4…

6. David Allen - 20/04/2021

I think there’s an interesting quirk about that opener in 2010. It was the only time as far as I’m aware that a club has gone from the bottom of the table to the top in one match. The fact that we were bottom on alphabetic order at the start and that everyone else played the next day on the Saturday explains it.

Matt Rowson - 20/04/2021

unlikely to have been the only time this happened. York or Wolves must have had biggest win on opening day at some point. Good stat tho.

7. Graham smith - 21/04/2021

Sunderland beat Chelsea in the milk cup semifinal

Matt Rowson - 21/04/2021

Obviously didn’t write this one on a good day… thanks Graham, corrected

8. Graham smith - 21/04/2021

Was it Marvin Sordell ( scoring) debut not Troy

Matt Rowson - 21/04/2021

No, Sordell had played (and scored) the previous season and didn’t score against Norwich (Graham 2, Eustace)

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